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 Posted: Thu Mar 19th, 2020 02:38 am
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I kind of know what you mean about writing personal stuff. At the moment I only have two sets of lyrics on here!

"Dances for the moon" and "Just let me go" Both are based on experiences from my passed. But they have similar themes and I aways find it difficult to find the right words to articulate the feelings/emotions of the experience I had 5, 10 or so years ago. This is doubly compounded in my case by my upbringing to "bury you feels", "Don't show weakness", "Be a man, don't cry!" and rubbish like that!

Some people might believe lyrics are a way of working things out in our own heads... Things we may have not come to terms with or something? All I can say is I'm not the same person I was in my youth and I am better for it all. true be told I just want to tell a good story in my lyrics that'll leave a bit to the listener's imagination!

I have some others song's I'm going to posting soon, but before that. I want to polish them up a bit first. I have not really written much of anything since Uni except code. Which is why I'm on TSF learning a much as I can about song writing before I do anything more.

BLM :bigsmile

I'm taking a little break from writing and posting lyrics. But it doesn't mean I'm taking a break from TSF, just strengthening my musical skills.
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