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 Posted: Mon Mar 2nd, 2020 01:08 am
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Hey there,
I find this lyrics very interesting!
Still trying to get all the images out.
Just wanted to say real quick, what made me frown a little:

But ain't nobody listening < maybe I just don’t get it, but somehow it feels a little out of the picture. „Seems nobody is listening“ would make more sense to me. Specially if I combine it with the line before.

strategically < seems to be a very difficult word for a song. While reading I had to start twice to fully get it. So maybe you find a word that is less „complicated“.

That is all from me.
I‘m sure I read it once again, it’s a good piece u have here.


Hey y’all !
Im new here and tryin to figure out how this forum works!
Interested in convos about good music and specially about songwriting, lyrics and ideas. All my stuff is protected! copyright by FabIan Peters

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