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 Posted: Sun Mar 1st, 2020 11:54 pm
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I'm pretty sure the lines are interchangeable and that there's more to. Come.

Now that yet another crisis
Has gone spread acrost the land
You're clutching your devices
Like they're stapled to your hands

You have all the information
That you need for this decision
You've been told a hundred times
But ain't nobody listening

Don't shoot the messenger

The fabric of community
is strategically unravelled
As the monuments to liberty
are slowly ground into gravel

Civility is gone beyond
the point of no return
When the voice of reason is the one
that says just let it burn

Don't shoot the messenger

Anything's a crisis if
It garners enough wealth
But after the commercials
they'll be on to something else

The profits made by those who are
The first to break the news
Are so obscene there's no reward
In waiting for the truth

Don't shoot the messenger

Lots more, I think

Gregg Barrett

Just call me Gregg
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