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 Posted: Mon Feb 24th, 2020 04:54 pm
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moptop wrote:

welcome to the forum!
I thought I would chime in here with a bit of a post from another person who is in the music business and directly answers your question. This bit comes from another forum and the link at the bottom with take you directly there if you are interested in reading the entire thread.

This is not my views or feelings on the subject, I'm passing long the info.

The quick an easy answer of "How do you get songs to an artist? " In this day and age, you DON'T.
For over 30 years and probably beyond that, there has been a strict "NO UNSOLICITED MATERIAL" rule in the industry. If you are not known, NO ONE is going to listen to your songs. There are some very real reasons for this.
Today, if you get a hit song, you are going to be sued by someone saying they "wrote the same song and mailed it into their publisher/producer" or walked up to them at a party and gave them a CD."
That does happen, but the CD's are immediately thrown away and are not listened by anyone. No one will take a chance on getting something.
We are all writing the same things so many things come up over and over. Same titles, same ideas, same rhymes, it's impossible NOT to pick up other things. And many times it is some part or even more of a song that we heard when we were kids, sometimes hits before we were born.
So no one takes a chance on listening to anything from anyone they don't PERSONALLY KNOW.

Now, artists are signed as writers FIRST. And are groomed by writing with Nashville's best writers. They are usually developed BY Nashville's hit makers and the songs they are writers on are often written WITH the hit writers who are producing and grooming them. You have people like Kacee Musgraves, Taylor Swift and many other well performing hit makers , who often get hits for other people BEFORE they get record or sometimes even publishing deals. That is why they get record deals.
One of the biggest hit makers in the past few years is JAMEY JOHNSON. He had a huge hit on himself with IN COLOR. It was his first number one.
But if it weren't for a hit with TRACE ADTKINS called "HONKEY TONK, BEDONKY TONK" that came a few years before that one, that Jamey wrote, there would have BEEN NO "IN COLOR."

People who do this for real spend YEARS and sometimes DECADES building relationships writing with many many people working on their own and other people's stuff long before their ships come in. It is called a "TEN YEAR TOWN" for a reason. It takes at least ten years of dedicated work, nuancing political skills and waiting till your friends get into positions of power and open doors for you, to get there. And since 90% of people who try to do this quit between 2-3 years, they are long from the finish line. And even getting past that time frame many will still never "MAKE IT." (I HATE that term) . Only so many slots. So many chart poisitions. So many cuts.

How do you get "inside?"
You write your way inside. The average Nashville writer writes around 125-150 songs a year with 35-50 different people. You are trying to get on the ground floor of people today that will be potential starts 3-5 years from now. So you START with people around you. If you can't find people around you, you are not looking hard enough.


Hi again Dominick! This is my second time reading this. I also have read the comments that follow. There are some strong responses. I believe there is truth to everyone’s notion. Some speak from experience, others speak from their heart. In the end, I feel you must enjoy what you do, because you still wouldn’t be doing it if you didn’t believe in yourself. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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