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 Posted: Mon Feb 17th, 2020 10:41 pm
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RK, I didn't notice the change to steel, but I like it.

Is this too goofy to replace zodiac and black?

Nothing could make us crack
Yeah, nothing could make us crack

I liked the idea of mending cracks, a strong base/foundation.

Or, something like weathered storms, together intact...

Last lines: I think I am having a gramatical issue. How about?

Be forever yours
Be forever mine

As for the beginning. V2: baring our souls was a continuation of V1. Starting with baring our souls seems out of place to me. I haven't thought of an alternative,or a way around V1, but I will keep thinking.

Do you sing? Maybe you have a tune in your head that would me?

Thanks again for all the help :)

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