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 Posted: Mon Feb 17th, 2020 03:06 pm
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Hey glad u liked some of my input. I’m not really sold to the „black“ line either. Last night it sounded more me. but I’ll keep it in mind trying to find something better.
I changed your bullets into steel...dunno if u noticed that, but I thought to myself that bullets is not really a symbol I would like to have in a „love“ song like this....cough
Yap I put the love was our key line in the chorus just to keep it as simple in the „picture“ you painted around it with your lines.
Im glad that you enjoy the c-part or bridge if u wanna call it so. I thought why wasting good material if u only need to put it down in a new give it a bit more solid ground in your message. Or maybe because this is just my style of doing it 😅😉
Same goes for the lines at the end of the it more time to take a breath... when u sing it...I mean.... „be forever yours....(stop, get the simple but significant message ....) and your forever mine...kausal but strong brick for your whole message....
the lines as Intro and ending ...Well i just thought it makes the whole thing a bit more....round... cause I think it’s a great line and it would be a pity if it’s only one single time in. But of cause that’s your song... 😉

Hey y’all !
Im new here and tryin to figure out how this forum works!
Interested in convos about good music and specially about songwriting, lyrics and ideas. All my stuff is protected! copyright by FabIan Peters

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