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 Posted: Wed Feb 5th, 2020 11:34 pm
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This almost feels like a song of two halves.

I like the opening lines, and it has a classic blues feel to it. When I got to:
"And when you find a woman for you
He said son you better treat her right"
I thought it was going to be about a relationship.

But from the chorus onward it's quite different. And the link to Daddy's opinion seems pretty distant.
Nothing wrong with the 2nd half mind you, it just feels disconnected from the first to me.

Re the Ronnie VanZant reference - if you feel it needs an explanation I'd be taking a hard look there. Anyone listening to it won't have the explanation. The lyric needs to stand on its own. It wouldn't be the first song to have cryptic references, or things only a specific audience will appreciate, but you should make that choice knowing you're going to lose most people at that point.

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