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 Posted: Sun Feb 2nd, 2020 11:47 pm
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This is my latest song. Its acoustic now, soon to have electric, and drums added. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Love without fail

I mocked your words, despised your deeds,
saw your miracles but would not believe.
Still you loved me, love without fail!

I took the silver, I set Barabbas free,
I lied to condemn you, shame-less-ly.
still you chose to die, for a worm like me.

I spit on you, I placed the crown,
I raised the hammer and drove those nails down.
still you loved me, love without fail.


And now you find me, upon my knees,
sorrow fills my heart for what I've done to thee.
And you forgive me all, love without fail.


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