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 Posted: Fri Jan 10th, 2020 08:38 am
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Those dusty roads were blowin
as I headed out of town
I was leaving forever
no looking back or turning around

You killed all my dreams
with things that you'd done
I was working for our future
while you were out having fun

I had big dreams
I thought you had them too
when I found the knives in my back
were put there by you

you were the cheater
the killer of my dreams
took my hopes and desires
you don't know what love means

my future all planned
so clear in my head
and with just one stroke
you killed them all dead

no turning back now
My dreams are all gone
to many memories
I've got to move on

Your cold heart is ruthless
you don't have a care
I was just a notch on your bedpost
to help you get there


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