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 Posted: Fri Nov 8th, 2019 05:16 am
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Title: (Show Me What's) Deep In Yo' Heart
Lyrics Copyright © Nov 8, 2019 Joe Givens

{Could Be R & B Or Pop Style - Lively Tempo}

{Instrumental Intro}


We were made for each other
Baby ya kno-o-ow it
Come on let go yo' feelin's
Why don't ya show it?
Ya just gonna take it.. an'
Throw it a-a-a-all away?
Show me what's deep, deep in yo' heart!

Doncha leave me here hang-in'
If ya don't me-e-ean it
Come on tell me the truth now
Make me believe it
Can this ever real-ly be
just like they all say? 5

{To Chorus:}

{Instrumental Bridge}


Ya just playin' me.. or
Is this for-e-e-ever?
Do ya feel the way I do?
Don't be so cle-ver.
Wanna believe ya, but I
I feel so afraid.
Show me what's deep, deep in yo' heart

Yeah, I wanna believe ya.
Feelin' so lo-o-onely
Please help me to understand..
I love ya only.
All I know is I'm so confused
Yeah I need to know..

{To Chorus:}

{Chorus - sung with deep feeling}

Show me what's deep in yo' heart!
What's deep in yo' heaaaaarrrrt..
Deep in yo' heart..
Yo' heart.. yeah, ba-by, ba-by..
Just show me what's deep in yo' heart!!



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