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 Posted: Sun Oct 20th, 2019 01:50 am
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I walk the yard an' think of you
An' all the heartache I put ya (you) through
My life of crime has brought me shame
Whatever happens, I know (that) I'm ta blame

A little hint, if you want to write Country lyrics people relate to:

Instead if ending a word in "ing", use " in' " instead, likewise "and" becomes " an' ". Simarly, 'going to' = (gonna) Have to or 'got to' = (gotta)

Whenever you can, delete 'that', as the word is usually dead weight - a few exceptions; use your gut feeling. Remember, especially when framing this kind of character, (pun INTENDED!), he generally won't speak the 'queen's english', nor will bar brawlers or cowboys.


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