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 Posted: Tue Oct 15th, 2019 06:30 am
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Maybe 19, 20, or 21... Gonna be busy tomorrow so I stayed up writing 18 late /early. My time management is getting slightly better... but I am now finding that some of the things I may have let slide before, Ill now spend the extra time reworking. I honestly was not sure whether the premise of this challenge would be true...that you write more and become more satisfied with your product, but I am starting to feel it... then again, it might be just me, but i am starting to try and make sure the behinnings middles and ends all work and that the songs are at least researched and feasible. Hopefully the quality is improving. I never review my own stuff not even just to myself.


"People always ask me what I write first, words or lyrics...and I always say, Yes." Martin Mull
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