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 Posted: Thu Oct 10th, 2019 02:36 am
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Thanks RDM ... great suggestions... another set of eyes... had originally written the title and hook to be aint young love sweet ... song took a bit of a turn and it honestly sounded just a little perverted... and had Wally doing an actual introduction that I abandoned abandoning Wally....he doesnt need to be there. In my mind somewhere, I had the idea that Bud was cautious of being Catfished with the line thinks hes here to meet...

At any rate... I like the changes that I implemented... reads better... musically the veses have a more serious tone tothem and the chorus is intentionally lyrical and lilting and'overly happy to stress the irony and the twist. Glad you noticed that the meaning of the chorus changes verse by verse... makes me happy when someone gets it. And of course... new love...wore him out...has a pause and the wore him out phase will be recited. Then back to that lilting chorus.


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