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 Posted: Mon Oct 7th, 2019 01:43 am
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Was researching another song and realized how many Disney films ended with magical , happily ever afters, following a true love's kiss. Wrote the hook down to move on but couldn't write anything else without The Magic of a Disney Kiss popping into my head. No music for it yet and I am very aware there are some meter problems that need to be worked out, but I loved the idea so much Im posting it anyway in hopes that our astute songwriters can help with solutions. They are all welcome and appreciated and will be seriously considered as usual.

Thanks, Bunny

The Magic of a Disney Kiss

Verse 1
It was a very special Saturday
When she was only eight
To see the Snow White matinee
On a Daddy Daughter date
They laughed about all seven dwarfs,
They sang their favorite songs
She shivered as her dad recalled
An apple gift gone wrong

Chorus 1
Her dreams would always find her
Saved by a handsome prince
With a happily ever after from
The magic of a Disney kiss

Verse 2
Sleeping Beauty was her heroine
When she made her teenage years
She was kept away from trouble
To allay her parent's fears
Confusion led to heart break
Curiosity was deep
As her world started spinning
She found herself asleep

Chorus 2
Her dream was one day being
Found by her long lost prince
And a happily ever after from
The magic of a Disney kiss

Verse 3
Like Cinderella's housework
The bane of her existence
She was depended on for everything
Like her family's subsistence
She only wanted one night off
A break, before she falls
A nice ride and a sweet dress
Helped her get into the ball

Chorus 3
She discovered when the shoe fits
And you find your handsome prince
Theres a happily ever after in
The magic of a Disney kiss

Those princess moments come and go
As will your handsome prince
You'll find a happily ever after in
The magic of a Disney kiss.

© Copyright 2019 John Parrish

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