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 Posted: Sun Oct 6th, 2019 10:20 pm
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Thanks RDM...make sure you read my response to Charles as well...explains things a little more..when I write i generally have a phantom or generic melody that I use to help me try...i use that is not my get the rhythm and meter correct. Most often my final versions sound nothing like what I had in my head when I wrote it unless on the rare occasions that i use a melody i had from a previous attempt left over and i decide to try and write to it. Thats a long way of getting to the point here, that the only phantom tune i could pattern this song with was whiter shade of very loosely based and takes a vocal olympic athlete to fit some of the lines...I have not written the melody for tjis one yet...Im still trying to get WSOP out of my brain.

Glad you liked the concept.


"People always ask me what I write first, words or lyrics...and I always say, Yes." Martin Mull
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