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 Posted: Sun Oct 6th, 2019 12:57 am
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Not a whole lot to say about this one, except, that I started it with the Silas and Moody and a dog named Never and wrote around that. I know the meter requires some singing gymnastics but i have sung it to a generic tune and it works always, suggestions, corrections and comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance for the read,


Mountain Love

Verse 1
Silas Hawkins was the Judge's son
In the town where I was born
Never said a word to nobody
Cept his best friend Moody Horne
It was always just the two of them
And a revenuer's dog they stole
Makin' liquor in the woods by the cold water stream
Bout a mile from the swimming hole

Verse 2
Silas was the quiet one
But Moody lived up to his name
You only had to cross him once
Your face would never be the same
Drove an old truck he called Sister
Had a shotgun in the rack
Bunch a tools and a guitar and an old blue tarp
And a lawn chair in the back.

They call their moonshine Mountain Love,
Cause like a young mountain girl
It's sweet and strong and has a bite,
And can really rock your world
It only takes a twenty,
To give a quart a try
Leave your money on the stump, by the stream in the woods
And in hour come back on by.

Verse 3
Now old Moody lived in Sister
Parked her back up in the woods
Silas stayed in his Grampa's house
In a run down neighborhood
They named that old dog Never
Cause he Never let them down
And Never'd always know if you're up to no good
If you ever came poking around

Verse 4
They take cold clear mountain water
With just sugar yeast and corn
To craft the finest moonshine liquor
Just as Sure as you are born
One sip will have you coming back
You know, everybody does
For that Hometown, Homemade Backwoods whiskey
That they call Mountain Love


For that Hometown, Homemade Backwoods whiskey
That they call Mountain Love.

© Copyright 2019 John Parrish

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