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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2019 02:37 am
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RainyDayMan wrote:
Strong message here, and your familiarity with autistic kids shines through. It feels sympathetic and respectful.

I like your bridge, but the word "unfurled" has more positive connotations than negative ones to me, so doesn't feel quite perfect for what you need.

You might try:
smile or go away > smile and go away

Hey RD Man, thanks for the kind review. I have found that most autistic people are highly intelligent and extremely perceptive. In the right situations, i.e., my classroom, they were able to respond those who try to mold or shape them in a positive manner, at least at the HS level. I’ve seen very few negative responses and that includes silence as a negative response. So ‘unfurled’ works. Now when I worked with young autistic kids, it was the reverse do to immaturity. To many people it is a shock when they, over time and truly making an effort to understand, realize what a treasure autistic people are.


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