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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2019 02:01 am
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# 7 of my 30 in 30

I have had an obsession with Whiter Shade of Pale since I was in High School and it has frequently been the stuck song in my head. I'm sure that the meter hurdles are pretty high on this one and I know it needs lots of touch ups. Just liked the idea of people dancing in an unusual place and then going back to their regular lives afterward. Thanks for reading and as always, suggestions, corrections, ideas are always appreciated.


The Aisles of Manny's

Verse 1
I was sitting in the last booth of the first row
Of Manny's All Night Truck Stop : Drinks and Eats
Got out a fiver for the jukebox at the end of the booth
Thought I'd eat my steak and listen to some beats

Verse 2
My waitress brought my food and sat down with me
Asking "Sweetie, whacha list'ning to today?"
Fed the Rock-ola with the bill I gave her,
Pressed the buttons and the songs began to play.

Chorus 1
She slid out the booth and grabbed my hand
And as the opening organ strains began to wail
Slowly pulling me down the aisles of Manny's
To A Whiter... Shade of Pale


Verse 3
She whispered Hon, let's get this diner dancing
Then she grabbed a sleepy trucker by the hand
I tapped a lady of the evening on her shoulder
And we waltzed our way through trucker wonderland

Verse 4
We danced with everybody in that truckstop
The salesman, with a briefcase, from Pierre
The mom, with kids, who came in from the bus stop
She was Ginger Rodgers to my Fred Astaire

Chorus 2
We danced until that Rock-ola stopped playing
Then like clockwork everyone took back their seats
And everything once more returned to normal
At Mannys All Night Truck Stop : Drinks and Eats

The neon sign's forever flashing Welcome
Like a drummer pounding out the beats
And a Whiter Shade of Pale's still on the jukebox
At Manny's All Night Truck Stop : Drinks and Eats......

© Copyright 2019 John Parrish

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