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 Posted: Mon Sep 30th, 2019 07:42 pm
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bunnythesinger wrote:
Yep. Terry and the Pack. There was a vintage record store in Charleston, SC that i used to rummage through...found their vinyl there. Guy that owned that store, had two unused and untorn tickets to the Beatles at Shea astadium in 1965...his ride cancelled on him or so he said... cool store, lots of vinyl.

We had a couple of local record stores but the best places to buy vinyl were down in London. We're a relatively small country so that was only 120 miles away - a couple of hours by train. That was a regular trip.

I'm lucky enough to have seen The Beatles at a small venue in Nottingham here in the UK. My mother was curious and took me. I'd be 9 or 10 years old. I can remember it very well. All we heard was the opening lines of 'I Saw Her Her Standing There'...the rest was completely drowned out by screaming girls!! Nice to be able to say I was there though!

You mention Shea Stadium. I would have loved to have seen GFR's show there in '71. They were supported by Humble Pie - another band I was into. Both bands played later the same year at London's Hyde Park. Sadly I couldn't get to that show but I did see GFR - just once - at Wembley, London on April 18th 1975. It was more or less their 'Caught In The Act' set. A great gig.

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