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 Posted: Mon Sep 30th, 2019 06:17 pm
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bunnythesinger wrote:
Wow! What a great collection and you're right...very ecclectic. Interestingly, As a huge GFR fan from back in the day, yeah I'm old enough to remember when they weren't GFR, I recently was shocked to discover a copy of an old Animals vinyl from 1966 of Inside Looking Out. Never realized it had been a cover. Of course, I liked the GFR version better. Only a couple on your list I didnt immediately recognize ...guess I got some listening to do. Thanks for the list.


I too am a big fan of GFR - have been since I was 16 when I first got my hands on 'Grand Funk Live". I still have all their albums on CD. They weren't so big here in the UK. The critics here gave them an even harder time than in the States. I loved them - still do. A hard working kick-ass rock band. Shame the band has fragmented into two camps.

Pre GFR you'd be talking about Terry Knight & The Pack..later just The Pack.

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