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 Posted: Sun Sep 22nd, 2019 03:17 am
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Decided I needed a break from serious pieces and went to my hook file as a challenge to myself. Random hook, one day. Enjoy

Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right (But Three Lefts Do)

Verse 1:
I was sitting on a barstool down in Tucson
Your ex walked in and sat down next to me
Wearing brand new jeans and boots, and a new Stetson
And looked just like a cowboy wannabe

Verse 2
He went on and on about the way you'd been his girl
And he didn't say a thing considered nice
He swore up and down about how he was your world
And within a few short minutes he had wronged you twice

Verse 3
Number one he told barkeep you looked lonely
And tonight you would be going home with him
Number two he said you'd be his one and only
And before the night was over you'd be in his arms again

So I looked Old Mr Boots and Hat, no Saddle in the eye
Said you already had a real cowboy and he should say goodbye

Verse 4
Had a cold one in my right hand and I could tell he wouldn't stop
He was on the floor in three quick lefts and I didn't spill a drop
Now the moral of this story might seem funny but its true
Two wrongs don't make it right but three lefts do


Repeat Bridge and Verse 4 to fade out

© Copyright 2019 John Parrish

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