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 Posted: Wed Sep 11th, 2019 11:03 pm
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Song Title: Used Ta Be's Don't Count Anymore
Lyrics Copyright © 2019
Joe Givens

{Guitar Intro}


Used ta be's don't count anymore.
Since I watched ya - walkin' out that door
You made your choice, honey.. that's for shore .
No, used ta he's don't count anymore.

We used ta be like one and one are two.
Now we're separate it's just me or just you
Gotta admit it cuz we know it's true
There ain't much left for us to do.

{To Chorus:}


All I got left are some old memories..
An' ya can't take those away from me..
I remember how times used ta be
When we were a cozy little family.

Our lives used ta be just like a dream
You an' me made one heckuva team
An' it was good - yeah ya know what I mean
I was your king an' you were my queen.

{To Chorus:}


Used ta be we were talk uh the town
Then ya had ta go a-foolin' aroun'.
Darlin' love ya but I won't be your clown
Played that game before.. it got me down.

Please believe me darlin'..  hear what I say.
Done soul searchin'.. don't see no other way
An' thought an' thought about this many a day
But my heart is broke an' won't let me stay

{To Chorus:}


No, used ta be's don't count anymore
I've cried and cried til my eyes are sore
All those excuses, yeah I've heard 'em before.
Those used ta be's don't count anymore.


So I guess we gotta say our goodbyes.
Wish it was different but you didn't  try.
So we might as well just say our goodbyes
'Cuz used ta be's don't count anymore.

Those used ta bes just don't count anymore!
Don't count anymore!


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