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 Posted: Tue Sep 3rd, 2019 10:31 am
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bunnythesinger wrote: Sketch, this really intrigues me. I taught in a 99% African American population high school years ago which had a Gospel Choir vs a tradional glee club/ chorus. This was just at the advent of the rap/hiphop (late 70s) breakthrough and they did a lot of call and response sometimes hip/hoppy gospel usually featuring a soloist/choir responding. What I wouldnt give to hear them perform this. Man that choir gave me goosebumps when rhey sang was thrilling to listen to them. Two thumbs up. And thanks for a trip back in time.


Thanks, Bunny. Those are some great comments.
I didn't even realize that I had built the call/answer aspect into this.
But there it is. I was planning to handle it that way in the demo recording.

The verse lyrics were sitting in my music notebook from a year ago.
I wrote the choruses yesterday. It came together nicely. 

I have another Hip-Hop style song to release later today.
But I'll probably put that under Pop.

- Sketch

PS --- I did something similar last year. But I think this new one will be more pared-down.
Here's the link in case you haven't heard it. Title: Who Ya Gonna Call, Big Daddy?

The song title came from something said to me by an African American.
The hilarious conclusion to a tense situation, in which I had my flip phone open
ready to call the police, due to a quickly developing conflict that was
likely to end in a fist fight. When it broke off, that was the parting comment to me.
Which stuck with me. I wrote it down in my music notebook.

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