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 Posted: Sun Sep 1st, 2019 04:32 am
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I'm not as happy with the chorus as I was when I posted this. While I am pretty sure of the structure remaining the same, the words (and even the lyrics, lol) of the chorus are almost surely going to change. Expect lots of edits on this one...suggestions appreciated. Thanks,


UPDATE: took suggestions ...and man do iappreciate them..and reworked the chorus into what i had originally envisioned musically...and havent been able to get the tune out of my head. This sings well with it. Love the lyrics reworks... thanks for all the for all the reads and helps.


Guilty as a Man Can Get

I said your Honor, I did it
Throw the book at me, get with it
It was a crime of passion and i have no regret
It just happened, wasnt tryin
Swear on the book im not lying
But Im Guilty, guilty as a man can get

Guilty of scheming
Guilty for dreaming,
And if loving her is crime.
Im not lying
Im testifying
That I wanna be with her doing time.

Gimme torture, gimme the chair
Whenever I'm with her I'm walking on air
If you call me out of order I'm gonna object
I stole her heart without remorse
Sentence me to life with her with no recourse
Cause I'm guilty,yeah, guilty as a man can get


Begging you for mercy, and asking pretty please
Lock my heart up with hers, and throw away the keys


I stole her heart, without remorse
So, sentence me to life with her without recourse
And if you call me out of order I'm gonna object
Just sign the papers, make the deal
Her love is something ill never appeal,
Cause I'm guilty, guilty as a man can get,yeah


I'm guilty, guilty as a man can get
I'm guilty, guilty as a man can get.

© Copyright 2019 John Parrish

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