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 Posted: Fri Aug 30th, 2019 02:52 am
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Sorry for the string squeeks on this track!
Not sure about the title for this one.

Back to the lonely days
© 2019 Owen Hovenden

Link to music

Verse 1:
She came out of the closet
With her head hung in her hands
Peeking through her fingers
Hoping they would understand

Closing her eyes
Telling her story
Holding tight

She won't go back to the lonely days, hiding herself away
Won't go back to the lonely days, hiding her heart away

Verse 2:
She watched all the reactions
From her friends as she opened their eyes
Sympathy and kindness
Anger and surprise

Pre-Chorus 2:
Speaking her mind
Telling her story
Walking in pride


Some let go, some held tight
Know she knows the wrong kind from the right


Chorus x 2

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