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 Posted: Fri Aug 9th, 2019 01:01 am
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Walk Away
© 2019 Owen Hovenden

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Verse 1:
3am, and I'm wide awake
My brain, won't let me sleep
Your words, keep rattling 'round
Like wheels on a train
Like rain on the window pane

Walk away, from these broken dreams
Walk away, from this lonely house
Walk away, cause there's nothing left
To do or say, but walk away

Verse 2:
In my mind, there's still more to give
But the sky, has just fallen in
Comes a time, when we must admit
Love must die so we can live
Die so we can live


And the pitcher can't be unbroken
Like your words cant be unspoken
And the djinni won't go back in the bottle again
Oh no


Time to walk away

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