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 Posted: Sun Aug 4th, 2019 03:36 pm
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jamestoffee wrote:
Also, do you have an English translation version?

Translated from Filipino to English.

'' How about ''

I'm tired of waiting for your text message ...
Do you feel sorry for me to see you again.


Let me just love you if you have someone else to love, let me love you only if you answer something different.
It's okay, it's okay, what if you love someone so much ...

Waiting for you to come back and knock on your heart again
if only you asked, don't worry you still have patience and I'm waiting for you to come back ...


I'll just love you if you have someone else you love, I'll just love you if you have another partner, after all, just know if you have a different partner ... (Yes. let's go, eh, I'll let you have some fun, while I'm alone) how come oohh ...


I'm just going to love you if we're not the last, but I'm just going to regret it, every time you have someone with you oohh, how about, how much i love you oohh,

no matter what, how can i afford you,
hhmmm, mm, how can i get it ... 2x

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