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 Posted: Wed Jul 3rd, 2019 04:05 pm
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samiamiamsam wrote:
Definitely. I usually struggle with lyrics. The music comes a lot easier for me.
Putting words on paper is the hard part.

I mess around on the keyboard and if a melody strikes an emotion, i visualize what the situation may be. Sometimes memories, sometimes desires, or someone else's situation I feel, regrets etc, and sometimes just a created story. Put yourself there, and what would you say if you were telling it? It's just kind of how I think. I personally play and write together. Sometimes stepping away from the keyboard when I have the general melody of whatever part I'm working on helps, as it lets me focus on words better. I create what I call the skeleton, then add the good stuff and refine. When I have just words, or just music, I feel restrained. My ADD can be my friend or foe lol. I ramble, as you can probably tell. :)

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