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 Posted: Sun Jun 2nd, 2019 11:21 pm
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She said if I had the chance
And for a night I got to choose
I’d cherish every moment
And spend that moment loving you

But I’m not sure she understands
I want more than just one night
I want to make forever
Be how we live our lives

Will I always be your maybe
Or will time someday tell
Will we finally find forever
Or keep living in this hell

Cause we both share these feelings
We keep hiding from the truth
Will I always be your maybe
You know my soul belongs to you

You know if we ever make love
I’m gonna take it nice and slow
Pour every ounce of passion
Deep into your soul

I’ll take you on a journey
Where ecstasy has no end
I know we’ll find forever
Cause what we have is not pretend

Will I always be your maybe
Or will we ever take the fall
Will we reveal the truth
To ourselves once and for all

Let me look into your eyes
And let our souls be joined as one
Will I always be your maybe
Or will our time finally come

Will I always be your maybe
Will I ever be the one
Please take the time to make me
It’s the only way to save me

Or will I always be your maybe

Copyright © 6/2/2019 Michael P. Dudash

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