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 Posted: Sun Mar 3rd, 2019 02:08 am
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RainyDayMan wrote:
This sounds great Sam! Agree with Steve's comment; if Delirium is the standard, the album should be awesome!

Will you treat each track individually or is there some overarching design across the album?

Thanks Owen! Good question.
Each track will be self contained, but I will definitely have reoccurring themes throughout.
Like sound design and maybe a guitar or a synthesizer sample that I might use in more than one song.
Or maybe use parts of one chorus on another song. I want to get very creative.
I have a lot ideas. Like certain things going on between the songs.
I might try to tell a story of how all these things effect a person. Despair, delirium, destruction, etc...
I have a lot of work to do. lol

I plan on releasing each track separately, and when all the songs are complete, I'll put it all together as an album.

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