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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2019 04:34 am
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Hi Taylor,

As a singer/songwriter you can do anything you like and make it work, so maybe these thoughts won't apply. As somebody who doesn't perform, I always try to think about what light the song puts the singer in. For me, the singer is a bit too much a victim for modern female singers. Gone are the days of Tammy Wynette and Stand By Your Man and these are the days of Reba McIntyre and having Better Things To Do. (Even if that is a bit dated too!)

Ralph Murphy suggests we write with the busy Mum (Mom) driving off to work, having just had a fight with her no good husband, an argument with her lazy child, been pissed off by her snooping neighbour and narrowly avoiding some jerk in a big SUV trying to cut her off, in mind. Is she going to care about some singer saying "Woe is me..." Unlikely! But she'll be cheering for the singer who says, "You've got a nerve doing this to me, now take this!"

This "up yours!" song is there in your lyrics, and I think it will be well worth it to bring them forward.

Just my thoughts,

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