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 Posted: Sat Feb 9th, 2019 11:29 am
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I saw this topic title a few days ago and was looking forward to checking it out.
Another winner here. Good work.

I can really empathize with the lyrics. Great imagery.
The little feet coming down the hall. Climbing up in the lap.
The engagement of questions and shown affection.

And the part about something you never dreamed you'd have.
I know I wasn't ready to have children before they started arriving.
My second-born is as you have described.

I did get a little hung-up on the last verse.
Specifically the fourth line. 

My best friend calls me dad
It’s the best job I’ve ever had
It starts when I walk through the door
And doesn’t end when I get back
I take pride in the fact
My best friend calls me dad

You are defining a time period with "start" and "end".
But walking through the door and getting back are the same thing.
Unless I am totally missing something here.
Perhaps the more potent image is of the re connection
and catching-up that happens when you get home. ???

- Sketch

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