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 Posted: Fri Feb 1st, 2019 09:35 pm
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First off I know this may seem odd and may read like a poem to many. But, I did look into this and several well known bands have pulled it off. Queen, Rod Stewart’s Maggie May being one. These lines came to me and though it even seems odd to me, can it work? Is it more genre specific? Thanks for looking

There’s last calls for whiskey
And last calls from loved ones
Either which way
You’ll look back on the other
Yeah that’s life
And it’s bound to, touch us all....

On one hand it’s please
Can you call me a cab
On the other it’s mom
Sayin’ you better come fast
Yeah that’s life
And It’s a rocky road we’re on....

We think we have lots
But time quickly moves on
You blink and you’re 40
Then it’s almost gone
Yeah that’s life
And the truly lucky...grow old

Some live for the moment
Others live in the past
Tomorrow’s their repeat
Of what ain’t coming back
Yeah that’s life
And time is all we have

Yeah that’s life to me
From what little I know
It don’t take money
To be blessed with it all
It only takes family....
Yeah that’s life

You can live how you want
And happily go along
Or strive to please others
From the day that you’re born
But that ain’t life
If you ain’t living
A life you love

Yeah that’s life
When you’re living.... what you love....

Copyright © M.P. Dudash 2/1/2019

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