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 Posted: Tue Jan 29th, 2019 08:00 pm
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Caught in a riptide popped into me head and I want to make it a song.

I've been floating along
adrift so to say
wondering if happiness
will ever come my way

danger lurks
below the surface
invisible to see
a certain death
to all my dreams
like a river running out of me

I'm caught in a riptide
swimming in misery
caught in a riptide
pulling me under
spinning me round
I can't tell
which way is up
and which way is down

The current situation
feels out of control
lack of motivation (all direction)
is taking it's toll

I'm drowning in
what could've been
what should've been
a certain death
if I give in
excuses are running thin


I'm caught in a riptide
it carries me
so far away
from everything
I thought I could be

I'm waiting
always waiting
for the tides to turn around
always waiting
to get me feet
back on the ground


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