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 Posted: Wed Jan 23rd, 2019 11:14 am
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Why do pigs crap and oink and wallow in the mud?
Don't you think they'd get so tired of bathing in that crud?
For pigs and hogs are all the same, we know them all by nature
And for their deeds and way of life, this is their nomenclature

you nasty stinking pigs and hogs, stay far away from me
for all you do is crap and oink and then you take a pee
the only thing you are good for is feed us from your ham
your flesh we eat Thanksgiving day, and we do eat some lamb

just stay there on the farm or I will burn you in a fire!
For we are not like pigs and hogs who wallow in the mire
but deep within the hearts of pigs, this is their one desire
to be a nasty animal, to not be any higher

than decent human beings that would never ever be
As nasty as a pig or hog, the animals indeed
Providing ham thanksgiving day, the thing good about you
but otherwise like cookoo birds, so crazy then who flew!

And if a pig could fly up there into the sky above
they'd probably all crap on us just like the common dove
Yes I am glad they can not fly, I know it will not be
For pigs or hogs to do those things, would surely bother me


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