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 Posted: Thu Jan 17th, 2019 06:55 pm
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When The Eagles Gather ©

Now the city streets are angry and the devil's running free
Everyone wants to follow is there no one who would lead
Some folks kill each other for the colors that they wear
And the three AM siren wails fill the poisoned air

Wrong or right is something on which we cannot agree
We're seeing what the kids have learned at their daddy's knee
A mama cries old Lord please don't let it be my son
With tear stained eyes a lawman asks do you know where he got the gun

Could it be that hated prophet was right all along
Did we really sell our soul for pleasure and a song
Will the moon turn blood red and the sun no longer shine
Or could it be it's just me and I have lost my mind


Well I read some place I think it was in Matthew twenty four
That the time would come when we would hear the rumor of war
But this would just begin the sorrows much more lay in store
When the eagles gather in the air he'll be standing at the door

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