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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2019 03:41 pm
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I’ve got cash
But I wish it was the paper kind
Cause I’ve been jonesin’ for a drink now
For a long time

So I took all my empties
Threw em in my truck
Now I’ve got,
Twenty three dollars tonight so we’re livin’ it up

We’re livin’ it up
We’re livin’ the high life
I hate to say, but I chose the Jack
Over my first wife

Now I got a girl
Who can skin a buck
We got twenty three dollars tonight and we’re livin’ it up

Bought a pack of smokes
And a case to share
But if you do the math, that’s less than a smoke
With each of our beers

Guess what we thought
Would be enough
Quickly dried up, and all we’ve got
Is two damn bucks

We were livin it up
We were livin the high life
Till I called her by my ex’s name
And it started a fight

She said that she loved me
But love ain’t enough
It’s really tough, livin’ it up
On twenty three bucks

It’s really tough livin’ it up
On twenty three bucks

Copyright © M.P. Dudash 1/16/2019

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