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 Posted: Sat Jan 12th, 2019 07:28 pm
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Marty Ray Boone

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If the mystic outer aliens, would ever come down here to me
To go up to my door someday and try to get to see
if they could steal my brain away, and victimize me then
I'd not go in a panic, but turn tables back on them!

I'd send crazy Curly Howard of the old three stooges fame
To sneak up on the aliens and steal their brains away!
No dirty rotten alien will get the best of me
With Curly on my side that day, we'd always be set free

This Earth is a free planet, and no outside force can win!
For coming to the rescue, Curly puts in garbage bins
Those slimy nasty creatures flying down from outer space
For Curly is the hero putting aliens in their place

They surely don't belong here and they must be sent away
To alpha (strange) centauri in the galaxy today
Oh, aren't you glad for heroes just like Curly, our good friend?
to pack up every alien and to send them round the bend!


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