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 Posted: Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 03:21 pm
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When beauty fades
and you think nobody cares
call on me, then you will see
there's always someone there

like a fading flower
I will bring you back to bloom
bring a smile for a little while
watch you light up the room

there's more behind the beauty
that not many see
you hide your fears show no tears
but you ain't fooling me

when your beauty fades
and the shallow don't want to know
hold my hand coz I understand
and I'll never let you go

I know you have more to offer
than being candy on the arm
you have a glow, I'll have you know
you'll always be my sweetheart

don't worry when the looks fade
you are so much more
forget the vanity of the mirror
come knock on my door


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