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 Posted: Mon Jul 23rd, 2018 11:43 am
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Sounds like a plan, my man.
If you get hung up, or have some questions,
you know who to call. ha ha

- Steve

PS --- I just remembered that I had intended to tell the story
of where this song idea came from. 

These are the moments in life from which my songs typically spring.
I wasn't looking for song ideas at the time, but these memories
come up every once in a while.

I was in my car at an intersection waiting for the light to change.
Someone in the next lane over was out of his car and taking
issue with the driver in the lane next to me. 

As a preventive measure I took out my flip phone and held it up
so that the angry person could see it. It worked,
he calmed down and got back in his vehicle.

The light changed, and the car next to me took a right turn.
But the car with the angry man went straight ahead in my direction.
The lanes squeezed down to a single lane. He motored ahead of me.
And just as he passed me he hollered out, "Who Ya Gonna Call, Big Daddy?"

The "video" clip is permanently etched in my mind. So funny.
Soon to be immortalized in a recorded song.

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