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 Posted: Sun Jul 22nd, 2018 03:00 am
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Motorist Sketchbook wrote:
samiamiamsam wrote: Motorist Sketchbook wrote:
samiamiamsam wrote: Hey Steve, I’m having trouble with the software right now. I think the problem is with my PC. It’s kind of old, and I’ve been needing to upgrade it for a while. I’ve actually read that it’s better to have a dedicated PC/laptop just for music. Planning on going to Best Buy this weekend and getting something better.
Sorry to hear about your trouble.
I don't have a dedicated computer for recording.
But some may need to do that.

My computer is a custom build. A monster.
So, I'm in a little different situation than most.

But, these things are all about getting over hurdles.
I'm glad that you haven't given up. Keep after it.

- Steve

It's a lot more complicated than I thought it would be, but I feel like this will help me in my songwriting process. Just so many more options than I ever had before.

Do you know of any good tutorials for a beginner? I've found it difficult to find them, most are for previous versions of the software.

I guess that means you are up and running. Hooray!
Here you go.

- Steve

I still need to get a new pc. I was planning on going today, but some things came up. These tutorials are gold. Thank you so much Steve.

Here is my YouTube and SoundCloud page with some of my original music.
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