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 Posted: Tue Jul 17th, 2018 04:12 pm
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Title: Who Ya Gonna Call, Big Daddy?
Track Time: 00:00 / BPM: 00

Vs 1
So when it all comes down
and you can't get around
to the old part of town
where you get the low-down  

Who ya gonna call, Big Daddy?

Vs 2
Now you think you will drown
have a total melt-down
but you won't hear a sound
on this merry-go-round  
Who ya gonna call, Big Daddy?

Vs 3
Suit in a button-down
gave you a thumbs-down
just flew in from boomtown
he'll give you the runaround

Who ya gonna call, Big Daddy?

Vs 4
Heading out to midtown
right up to the slowdown
set up for a go-round
get caught in the smack-down

Who ya gonna call, Big Daddy?

© Steve Lundgren 2018  

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