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 Posted: Fri May 25th, 2018 12:27 am
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Here is the second song I recorded.
My first demo was Carmel Corn - (caramel corn)
I had an idea what that song would sound like an worked accordingly.
However this song and nearly every one since has taken on a life of its own.

Here's a lnk to the recording on SoundCloud. Lyrics below that.
More discussion below.

Title: When Life Shows Up
Track Time: 02:22 / BPM: 100

VS 1
Life shows up - and there's broken glass
You help someone - and they kick your ass  
When life shows up - when life shows up

VS 2
Nobody wanted you when you were born
You spend your life with a heart that's torn
When life shows up - when life shows up

Vs 3
Don't want to bring you down -
or leave you without hope
Life comes at you fast -
and we've got to learn to cope
When life shows up - when life shows up

Vs 4
Grace behaves with empathy -
helping those in tragedy
When life shows up - when life shows up

Copyright Steve Lundgren 2018

This was the second song I recorded, following Carmel Corn (caramel corn).
While driving, I noticed the car next to me with a rear window broken out and covered with plastic.
It reminded me of a time when my rear window was broken out.
What I said in that moment became the opening lyric for this song.
"Life shows up and there's broken glass."

- Steve

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