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 Posted: Mon May 7th, 2018 04:14 pm
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Steve -

This is a very thoughtful and studied response.  Thanks!  Allow me to collect my thoughts and do a little digging before I answer you in earnest.  But off the top of my head, let me just say that, regarding your afterthought, I don't think it's fair of you to compare what I'm doing here in this song lyric to a 9/11 misappropriation of scripture.  That's a wide gap you're bridging between the two!  Even if not based specifically on Zechariah's prophecy, our Lord did most certainly receive His wounds in the house of his friends.  Then again, I'll look into this good and hard and if, as you say, I have misunderstood and misrepresented the prophecy, I'll trash the piece. 

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