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 Posted: Sun Apr 29th, 2018 10:41 am
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Thanks for the feedback.

Some listeners relate to the theme and others don't.
It's that mysterious instinct to get away from life by running away.
The fleeting thought that we typically can overcome.

I tried something interesting with the chord progression on this one.
It starts with the ii-V-I jazz standard and then changes to a pop vi-V
leading to a blues turnaround.

This song was recorded on New Years Day 2018. Conceived, written,
and recorded in a matter of hours. I was really in the zone that day. IMHO

Lyrically, it speaks to the thought that many have had about breaking loose
from what we are expected to do and escaping somehow. It's a romanticized
daydream that we never follow through on. Or at least not fully.

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