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 Posted: Fri Jan 12th, 2018 10:39 am
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fatesaccomplice wrote:
Bit late to the party, here, but boy do I ever love this.  Clever lyrics, beautiful arrangement, lovely recording, and I could lose myself in the singer.  I dislike receiving praise without anything constructive attached, but I've got nothing in the way of notes to offer (you used all the best ones - ha).  Truly a first-class job from every angle.

Singer: Vicki Doney
Pianist: Steve Ash
Melody: like falling off a log
Lyrics: I got grey hairs still

I do have some working singers finally embracing this song. I need some recordings, then who knows? It's registered w/ASCAP and copyrighted, so please pass it on.

(Do remember that one lyric in the verse ('...into May') was changed to 'That's the time for us to say')

And thank you again...

'Charlie Christian got me in a world of trouble'...
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