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 Posted: Fri Sep 1st, 2017 11:42 pm
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Our domain registration fees are due at the end of this month (to maintain our site name "") and we currently have no funds to pay them.
At this stage that means TSF will be forced to close at the end of this month (Sep 17).
If you have ever considered donating to TSF, ***now*** is the time as otherwise our future is bleak.

As an alternative to closure, I would like your opinion on charging an annual subscription fee of US$10 for members to be part of TSF. This fee would provide "as is" functionality, that is the site would operate as it previously has but only paid members will be allowed to post. Other members would have their usernames revoked but could still view posts as a member of the public. This would likely reduce the total number of members significantly, although the number of active members who post and provide feedback is relatively small in any case.

$10 per year is a small amount, but I understand that there are alternate sites that are free (as TSF has been) so many members may choose that option.

Please share your opinion via the poll above, but please only vote 'Yes' if you personally will definitely take up the option of a subscription. Don't vote 'Yes' if you think it's a good idea but won't be taking it up yourself. I need to know how many subscribed members we are likely to get. We need around 20 paid members for the site to be viable and self-funding.
The Poll will be open for two weeks.

Lastly, if you have lyrics etc that are ***only*** available via TSF, this is the time to take a copy. Should the site close, there will be no option to retrieve anything at that point, and no one to whom you can complain.

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