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 Posted: Tue Jul 18th, 2017 11:57 pm
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Here's my final cut, including a title change. I won't do anything w/it w/o your consent:

Seems like any day that ends in Y
Brings pain so bad I just wish I’d die
And I thought today for sure I'd wake up dead
‘Cause I've been places even the devil won't tread

‘Just one more drink and I'll be okay’
That’s what I tell myself each and every day
‘Just one last nip to keep out the cold’
Just one last bill of goods to myself I’ve sold

And the pain, oh---nobody would believe
Except me, as I tell myself ‘It’s only to relieve.
I’ll pour just one more, since the bottle’s nearly done’
Then drink to one more day that the devil has won

So tomorrow will only be just like today
Having ‘one last bottle’ in the same old way
And maybe the day after I'll wake up dead
In a place where just the devil is known to tread


'Charlie Christian got me in a world of trouble'...
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