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 Posted: Mon Jun 12th, 2017 03:44 pm
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A twin bed is just big enough
That is, unless I miss my guess
Let’s get tangled in the sheets.
Turn my hair to a complete mess

I will kiss your lips tenderly
if you playfully pinch my butt.
I’ll pretend to run away then
stop and be very affectionate.

I give it all. Will I fall in love?
You’re a better man than most.
The sun shines. A new day starts.
I leave silently, don’t wake my host.

You have been a great host
So I’ll leave you with a note.

“I am sorry I never loved you
Your arms held me just right
Can saying it make it true?
At least we have last night.
At least we have last night.”

<possibly repeat verse 1 to close>

Rhyme scheme changes in last section.
I wrote most of that section first,
thinking it would be chorus,
but when I got into the verses,
that didn't feel right.
Not sure what to do with it,
or if this works.

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God gave you a creative spirit.
This was a gift.
NOT a mistake.

(I know because He doesn't make mistakes.)
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