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 Posted: Sat May 20th, 2017 03:28 am
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I just noticed the changes on the instrumental part are wrong:

It should say 'instr. solo' at left and here are the correct (concert) changes:
G# Min7 b5/C# (2 beats) C# 7 #9 #5 (2 beats)/ F# Maj 7/C# (4 beats)/F# Min7 b5/B (2 beats) B7 #9 #5 (2 beats)/E Maj 7/B (4 beats)/B Min7 (2 beats) E7 b9 (2 beats)/ A Maj 7 (2 beats) G Maj 7 (2 beats)/ F Maj 7 #11 (4 beats)/ D/E (2 beats)/E 13 (4 beats).

The vocal re-entry up to the coda has the right changes. I apologize for any confusion

Attached below is the lead sheet with the corrections. The solo is at letter D:


Attachment: Not a Bad November-A Lead Sheet.pdf (Downloaded 3 times)

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